Sunday, June 29, 2014

Space-Conscious Trailer Parking

Ideally, I would have liked to put a circular driveway around the barn. However, it was very expensive and also messed with the drainage and the beauty of the setting (well, it wasn't very beautiful at the end of construction but hopefully it will be again one day). There wasn't space to put a circular driveway in front of or behind the barn either.

Instead, the contractor recommended widening the end of the driveway into a triangle that would allow enough space to turn the trailer around in. He measured it out knowing the approximate length of my trailer, and somehow when I first saw it I thought it was plausible that I could just make a tight turn and end up facing the other way. Not even close. Turning the trailer around for the first time required a series of maneuvers that ultimately ended in a successful 18-point turn. Now that I'm used to it, it only requires a 3-point turn, sometimes 5.

These are the only circumstances under which I would recommend what I have:
  • Your barn is small and mostly private.
  • You have a 2-horse bumper pull trailer (dressing room is okay).
  • You trust in the competence of anyone driving a trailer into your barn area, including yourself.
  • You don't need to receive deliveries on massive trucks (my hay fortunately will come on a pickup with a 9' flatbed).
  • You can allow enough room for the farrier to set up his rig.
  • You can coordinate all of the in and out activities so that two trailers or large trucks are never there at the same time.
  • Worst-case scenario, a skilled driver could back all the way out of the driveway safely.
If at all possible, a circular driveway around or in front of your barn is by far the most convenient.

That said, it is an efficient little setup!


  1. Curious, how wide is your driveway? How much space would you have needed to be able to just turn around in a tight loop? Thanks :)

  2. I added some dimensions for you! I don't know how much space it would take to turn around in a loop. Definitely quite a bit more than I have!! To find out, you could take your rig to an empty parking lot or grassy area, mark your starting point, and see how much space you need.